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Welcome on
Mountain farm Glinzhof

A warm welcome,
nice that you are with us!

Farm holidays – holidays in South Tyrol. Our exclusive mountain farm is situated at 1,500 m above San Candido on the sunny side of Alta Pusteria. The Sesto Dolomites and the local mountain Haunold directly opposite our mountain farm let you look at a wonderful panorama.

The mountain farm Glinzhof is awarded with 5 flowers, so you don’t have to miss out on comfort and luxury during your farm holiday in South Tyrol.

On the following pages we have collected all kinds of interesting facts about South Tyrol and tips as well as things worth knowing about your stay with us – browse and plan your undertakings at any time.

We wish you unforgettable days with your loved ones!

Your hosts, the Jud family

Do you have a question or a request?
Then feel free to contact us.

Fam. Jud
I – 39038 Innichen
Tel. 0039 339 8240942

Good to know

Here you will find everything you need to know about your stay at the Glinzhof. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Check In & Out

  • Check in:
    The room can be occupied from 14:00 (earlier by arrangement).
  • Check Out:
    The room must be vacated by 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure at the latest (later by arrangement).

If you have to leave earlier than booked, we charge 100% of the daily rate for the remaining days.

Meal times

  • Breakfast buffet daily from 7:30 to 11:00 a.m.
  • Dinner from 18:30 to 19:30,
    in the Bergstube above the Glinzhof.
  • Our kitchen is closed on Monday evenings!

WLAN access

Free and unrestricted WLAN access is available to our guests in the house.

In order to provide a reliable service to all, we ask that you use the WLAN moderately.
Password: glinzhof

Covered parking space

Sufficient covered parking spaces protect the car and are located directly in front of the farm.

Our guests can then also enter the house protected from the weather.

Motorbikes, bikes or other equipment can also be parked here.

A special service is our heated garage. If desired, a parking space can be rented here.
The price is 10 euros per day.

Charging stations:
Von 9 bis 15 Uhr und bei Sonnenschein kann das Auto kostenfrei geladen werden.
Von 15 bis 9 Uhr und wenn keine Sonne scheint berechnen geben wir den Einkaufspreis von 0,56 €/kWh weiter.

Phone numbers

Some of the most important telephone numbers during your stay can be found here:



B – Bandages

We have plasters, bandages, ointment, etc. in our medicine cabinet.

Board games

In our games cupboard under the stairs on the ground floor you will find our collection of board games.

Braies Lake with e-bike, bus or car

The Braies Lake is a jewel and accordingly much visited! Especially in July + August we recommend the ascent with our e-bikes or the bus.

Info and reservation:
Braies lake

D – Drinking water

All the water on our farm is mineral-rich and pure drinking water! The drinking water to the left of the drinks cabinet from the natural well and the farm wells in front of the houses is particularly fresh!

Drinks cabinet

At the end of the hallway on the ground floor of the farmhouse is our drinks cabinet.
Our guests can help themselves from it.
A drinks slip hangs on the door, where you enter your name/room number and the drinks consumed.
You will find glasses in the drinks cabinet or in the parlour.
A freshly tapped beer or an afternoon coffee is available from Alexia, Manfred or Max.
Drinks in the Bergstube are served by our friendly service staff and written down in the room.

E – Energy generation

For the sake of the environment, we produce all our energy directly on the farm.

  • Wood pellets : 120 KW heat
  • Photovoltaic system: 160 KW of electricity
  • Heat pump: 60 KW heat

Almost 100 % of the energy required (electricity, heat, mobility) is produced CO2-neutrally with wood and solar energy.


We can be reached at any time for small or large emergencies under +39 329 2292992 (mobile phone Manfred). Manfred is an active firefighter and can handle almost all emergencies or call for reinforcements. The general emergency number is 112.

F – Farm tour

It is always a great pleasure for us to show you our farm during a small guided tour! Registration with Alexia and Manfred.

Fischlein Valley

The Fischlein Valley can be reached on foot, by bike or bus during the summer months!

Info can be found here:
Fischlein Valley


We are always open to constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement!

G – Guided E-MTB tours

In cooperation with the tourism association Rudy offers guided E-MTB tours!

For info click here

Guests A-B-C of our Tourist Association

The guests A-B-C of our tourism association offers much more information!

Click here

H – Hiking and biking tips

We are happy to help you plan your tour. We are happy to provide map material including personal advice. Particularly helpful is our collection on

L – Laundry

We are happy to wash, dry and iron laundry.

Price per filling:

  • Washing: 10 Euros
  • Drying: 10 Euro
  • Ironing: 10 Euro

Towels left in the shower cabin are gladly changed! Please bear in mind that every washing pollutes the environment through energy and detergent consumption…


In the parlour you will find our small house library.

M – Mobilcard

With the Mobilcard our guests can use public transport throughout South Tyrol. Excluded are the buses to the Braies Lake and the Three Peaks.

P – Pets

Pets are allowed and welcome with us. Please indicate when booking. The price is normally 30 euros per pet per day. The whole house is cleaned thoroughly every day. This means that other guests are not negatively affected by pets. Of course, pets are not allowed in the wellness area.


At the end of your holiday, you can use cheque, ATM and credit card (not AMEX) as means of payment in addition to cash. For payment with cash we grant a discount of 2%!

Prato Piazza

The Prato Piazza is one of the most beautiful high plateaus in the Alps! Especially in July + August we recommend the ascent with our e-bikes or the bus.

Info and reservation:

Prato piazza eco-friendly

If you have to drive up with your own car, we have the information here:

Prato piazza with the car

Pony riding

Every Monday and Saturday we meet at 10.00 am at the table tennis table for pony riding! We usually also take Peter the donkey and the llamas with us! Silvana is our expert with the animals!

R – Residence room

Our farmhouse parlour is available to guests around the clock.


In the cellar of the farmhouse there is a cooking corner with refrigerator.

Room keys

For the rooms and suites in the farmhouse, the key can be hung on the key board next to the breakfast room. For suites 10+11+12, the key cabinet is behind the entrance door to the chalet. We kindly ask you not to take the key with you on your journey home, especially at the end of your holiday. However, should this happen, please return the key as soon as possible.

S – Spa area

The fitness room and relaxation area is accessible around the clock. The pool can be used around the clock. The sauna area is open daily from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.


We are an absolute non-smoking house. Out of conviction! Smoking inside the building is prohibited. Smoking is also not desired on the balconies.

Sports equipment

You can borrow the following equipment from us:

  • Hiking poles
  • Climbing equipment
  • Sledges
  • Snowshoes
  • Badminton and tennis rackets
  • E-mountain bike
  • Mountain bike


You will find a room safe in the wardrobe! When you leave, please always leave the safe open!

Ski & sports room

To the left of the entrance door you will find our ski + sports room. There you can store all your sports equipment. You will also find a boot dryer there. Bikes and larger items can be stored in our garage.

T – TV & Radio

In principle, there are no TV sets in our house. However, if you need a TV set in your room, it can be rented at a daily rate of 20 euros. We recommend (especially with children!) to enjoy your holiday without a TV set.


On the ground floor at the end of the hallway you will find a toilet on the left side!

Three Peaks by bus or car

The Three Peaks are one of our hotspots! Especially in July + August we recommend the ascent by bus!!! Besides the environmental protection, the reserved seat is also a great advantage

Info and reservation:

Three Peaks


Unfortunately, finding a taxi in our area can often be a hassle. That is why we offer an in-house service. One way Glinzhof/Innichen costs approx. 15 euros. As external taxis we recommend:

Waste separation

For the sake of the environment, all household waste is separated (glass, metal, paper, plastic, organic waste, Tetra, PET, batteries). To the left of the entrance door to the farmhouse, guests can also dispose of their own waste. We ask our guests to actively help with waste separation and to separate 99% of the waste themselves! Please dispose of nappies and dog excrement in the green sack (residual waste). Food leftovers can be fed to the animals: Simply throw it over the wooden fence.


The global weather services of,, etc. are not very accurate for our area. The special location (in the north of Italy, south side of the Alps, close to Austria) makes the algorithms sweat…

Our weather report is very accurate

Weather Link

The hosts

May we introduce ourselves?

The 4 of us, Alexia & Manfred with little Max and Marie run our small but very fine and exclusive mountain farm with full dedication.

Once again a warm greeting from us and enjoy your stay!

  • Manfred
    is the thinker and driver at the Glinzhof: new ideas – rustic and genuinely packaged, never cease to amaze our guests.
  • Max
    is the whirlwind in the house. Always in a good mood and always outgoing, he welcomes young and old in his own way.
  • Alexia
    is the good soul of the house! Her sunny disposition is infectious; her loving and natural manner spoils.
  • Marie
    our youngest keeps us on our toes with her energy!

Our farm

First and foremost, our mountain farm is a place in the Dolomites to relax and feel good, high above the Puster Valley at 1,500 m above sea level. The cosy atmosphere of a mountain farm has been combined with modern comforts.

Here you can smell the mountain meadow hay and the natural woods, enjoy the sunny panoramic position and feel the pure mountain air. But also the farm’s own products and the honest hospitality let people find the peace again that is so often lost in everyday life.

If you have any questions or if you notice something interesting on the farm, we are always at your disposal. You are welcome to visit the animals in our stable. We ask parents to accompany the children at all times!

Pony riding

Every Wednesday and Saturday we meet at 10 a.m. in the stable for pony riding!

What is there to discover


Our cows are milked twice a day. Their milk is delivered to the local cheese dairy, which uses it to produce delicious cheese, yoghurt, butter, curd cheese and much more. You are welcome to watch the milking and/or taste the milk. Just let us know how many liters you want. We would like to point out that the milk comes directly from the cow, it is not pasteurized. We recommend heating them before drinking.


You can watch our free-range chickens all day long. We are happy to bring you our own eggs. Just let us know.

Dog, cats, ponies, donkey, llama

Our house dog Schnuffi, the cats, our pony Willi, donkey Peter and the llamas are loyal and dear playmates for old and young. However, we ask you to keep in mind that animals are always unpredictable. Schnuffi and our cats can be anywhere on the farm. Only in the parlor and in the rooms you are not wanted.

Our herb garden

The rich organic vegetable garden is located on the valley side of the farm. Organic herbs such as dill, tarragon, chervil, marjoram, lemon balm, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, rocket, sage, chives, thyme and wild garlic are grown in the raised beds. The fresh vegetables and herbs are served daily with the dishes.


On the way up to the Bergstube we planted the following fruit trees in summer 2014:

  • apples
  • pears
  • cherries
  • apricots
  • plums

At the end of the fence near the trampoline we planted shrubs:

  • raspberry
  • currant
  • gooseberry

All fruits can be harvested and eaten.

Court chronicle

  • 1604: During renovation work, a wooden beam is found with the inscription 1,604 A.D. It can be assumed that the farm was built around this time.
  • 1945: Birth of Jakob
  • 1947: Birth of Selbenbacher Maria
  • 1970: The Glinzhof is developed with an access road
  • 1973: Jakob takes over the farm and marries Mrs. Selbenbacher Maria
  • 1975: Son Manfred is born 1976: Angelika is born
  • 1977: The first guests “stray” to the Glinzhof. This event is to leave a lasting mark on the history of the farm. The German couple stays only one night and gives Mother Maria a tip. This tip was more than father Jakob earned in a month with the 2 cows in the stable. A light goes on for Mother Maria! A completely new source of income is discovered as additional income. But father Jakob waves it off pessimistically. He does not believe that people will come up here. Mother Maria as the driving force does not give up and soon has the first “real” guests.
  • 1978: The one room is rented out very well. A licence to rent out guest beds is applied for at the municipality. Thus the Glinhof is the first business with farm holidays.
  • 1979: Another 2 rooms are added, the work is mostly done by Jakob.
  • 1984: The entire roof truss is renewed, 3 more guest rooms are added.
  • 1999: Son Manfred takes over the farm
  • 2001: Father Jakob passes away after a short illness.
  • 2002: The old stable is demolished and replaced by a modern farm building.
  • 2003: The entire energy supply is converted to renewable sources. From now on, the solar system, wood chip heating and photovoltaic system supply the entire energy demand!
  • 2006: The Bergstube is built. From now on the guests of the Glinzhof eat in the Bergstube.
  • 2007: Angelika marries Michael from the neighbouring Zwiglhof.
  • 2007: The Glinzhof is in deep mourning; mother Maria passes away after a short but serious cancer illness.
  • 2008: The Glinzhof is completely renovated and a winter garden is added to the south side.
  • 2009: A milestone for the future: Manfred marries the love of his life, Alexia.
  • 2010: Little Max is born
    2011: The parking spaces are roofed over and the chalet is added as the 3rd building to the Glinzhof.
  • 2012: Construction of a combined heat and power plant for the production of CO2-neutral electricity and heat.
  • 2013: Little Marie sees the light of day and completes our family.
  • 2014: The Glinzhof is the first farm in South Tyrol to achieve the maximum rating of 5 flowers.
  • 2015: What we have always had becomes official: we are now certified organic.

Culinary delights

Only the best is the motto of our house. Let us spoil you with selected exclusive products from the region and our own farm. Fresh and high-quality organic products are the basis for the preparation of our typical South Tyrolean cuisine.

Sometimes extravagant, sometimes typical – the dishes are varied.


An enjoyable breakfast is the basis for a powerful day in the mountains.

Fresh bread from the bakery, cakes, honey, jams, fruit juice, wholemeal muesli, fresh fruit, bacon, sheep’s salami, Kaminwurzen, cheese and eggs are on the buffet every day.

In addition to “normal” breakfast coffee, we are also happy to prepare delicious espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, lattemacchiato from the South Tyrolean coffee roaster Caroma.

Our exquisite organic tea comes from Viropa.


Freshly prepared dishes every day from high-quality raw materials from our own farm.

In the morning, our guests are informed about the evening menu, which consists of a salad buffet, starter, main course and dessert. If we do not meet your taste with our proposal, you are welcome to choose alternatives.

We place the highest value on fresh and high-quality organic products.

Except on Monday evening: Our kitchen is closed! 

Dinner information

  • Basically, we serve a salad buffet, starter, main course and dessert.
  • You can choose the menu for the evening at breakfast or on arrival.
  • Most of the food comes from raw products from our organic farm.
  • Mainly typical Tyrolean dishes are served.
  • The price includes the meal and natural water.
  • For other drinks, please refer to our range of products!
  • All consumptions will be written down in your room and charged at the end of your holiday.
  • Should you wish to dine out, please let us know in the morning. An amount of 15 €/person will then be deducted.
  • Friends or acquaintances are also welcome to dine with us on advance notice. The menu costs 22 €/person.

For kids

Children usually eat the suggested dinner. Often much to the astonishment of the parents!

However, special dishes such as noodles, grilled schnitzel, sausages,… can also be prepared. At any time of the day or night, one of the kitchens can be used to prepare small meals.

Bottle warmer and microwave are always ready anyway.

For vegetarians

Do you live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and would like to enjoy not only the landscape but also the food on holiday?

We are very happy to help you with this and provide vegetarian catering.

No vegetarian or vegan has ever left the table hungry. Please always let us know that you are a vegetarian when you enquire, so that we can ensure that you or your children only get the food that you really want to eat.

For allergy sufferers

As an allergy sufferer, it is often not easy. It is important to find accommodation on holiday that offers as few allergens as possible.

At the Glinzhof you will find many factors that make a holiday for allergy sufferers easier:

  • The altitude (1,500 m) with clean air
  • Smoking ban in the entire house for more than 30 years now
  • Floor coverings made of untreated larch wood
  • Central vacuum system with washed exhaust air to the outside
  • Daily cleaning of the entire house
  • Biological construction with natural building materials
  • Total renunciation of lacquers and plastics in the furnishing
  • Own allergy rooms (pets taboo!)
  • Healthy materials for textiles and furnishings

Rücksicht vom Bett bis zur Pfanne! Unsere Küche stellt sich gerne auf die Bedürfnisse von Nahrungsmittel-Allergikern ein.

For coeliac disease

We use Dr. Schär products for the preparation of gluten-free dishes.

Do you have an allergy?

Please always let us know that you have an allergy when you make your request, so that our kitchen can advise you properly and ensure that you or your children only get the food that you are allowed to eat.

Often the best thing is to bring your own products that you are used to. You are welcome to store them with us.

On Monday evening our kitchen rests!

Therefore, here are some personal recommendations.

We recommend dining everywhere as early as around 18:00-18:30. Later it gets quite crowded everywhere and possibly a bit chaotic.

A hint that you are Glinzhof guests can make a reservation easier 🙂

We recommend these establishments:

Kugler`s Speckstube
Can also be reached on foot (approx. 1 hour) or by e-bike (approx. 15 min).
Reservation best by WhatsApp +39 329 1285456

Luis Alm
In Sexten Rotwandbahn valley station
Reservation by phone or WhatsApp +39 347 220 6832

Restaurant/Pizzeria Hans
In Dobbiaco on the main road.
Reservation by phone +39 0474 972187

In Vierschach at the Helm valley station.
Reservation by phone +39 0474 916158

Pizzeria/Restaurant Helmhotel
In Vierschach on the main road.
Reservation by phone +39 0474 910103

Want a recipe?

In South Tyrol, the potato-beef gröstl is a popular dish.

The South Tyrolean farmer’s gröstl is hearty, hearty, delicious and actually a typical winter dish. But it is also often served in summer at alpine huts, mountain inns or Buschenschänken. The Gröstl greets the table in a hot pan, usually adorned with a fried egg on top of the dish.

The spicy farmer’s gröstl deserves to be mentioned again and again. A Gröstl can be prepared in many different ways, the typical ingredients are potatoes, boiled beef and onions. But basically a Gröstl is also an excellent way to use up leftovers.

Here is the original recipe for about 4 people:


  • 500g waxy potatoes
  • 1 onion
  • a little oil
  • 400g cooked beef shoulder
  • salt
  • pepper
  • marjoram
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1/8 l meat soup
  • Parsley


Steam the potatoes with the skin on, peel and leave to cool. Cut the potatoes and the cooked beef into even, small slices. Finely dice the onions and fry them. Add the potatoes, season with salt, pepper, marjoram and bay leaf and fry everything well. Add the sliced meat, pour in some hot meat soup, toss well and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

The Gröstl can be served with bacon and cabbage salad or with a fried egg.

Farm products

A farm holiday is the best opportunity to taste fresh and delicious local produce every day. Experience at first hand how we obtain our products from our own and regional agriculture, use them directly or process them with care into first-class delicacies.

The natural raw materials come from our fields, are harvested by us and processed by the farmer’s wife with much love and according to South Tyrolean tradition into homemade quality products.

Whether fresh eggs, a variety of herbs from our herb garden, fruit ripe for harvesting and fresh vegetables – with us you only get the best that the farm has to offer.

Our farm shop

In our small farm shop you can buy the following farm products:

  • Kaminwurzen
  • eggs
  • Smoked Beef
  • syrups
  • pickled mushrooms
  • herbs
  • juices
  • arnica rub
  • blueberry schnapps
  • stone pine chips (see attachment Swiss stone pine wood!)
The eggs from our free-range hens are collected daily and of course used for your farmhouse breakfast. We are happy to bring you our farm eggs for your own creations. Just give us a short notice.

Fruit & Vegetables
Our wonderful location allows us to grow many different types of fruit and vegetables. In our entrance area we provide fresh fruit and vegetables from spring to late autumn, depending on availability. Help yourself!

Many healthy and delicious herbs such as chives, basil, rosemary, parsley and sage thrive in the herb garden in front of the house. Please help yourself and add the necessary spice to your dishes.

Meat products
In our small farm shop you can buy the following high quality products:

Kaminwurzen, eggs, syrups, pickled mushrooms, herbs, Swiss stone pine chips (see attachment Swiss stone pine wood!)

Arnica Yew & Swiss Pine Shavings
Depending on the harvest, we cook different jams and offer you the following varieties: apricot, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and currant.

Wellness & Spa


  • Our new panorama pool is located on the south side of the farmhouse.
  • Emission-free with PV electricity and a heat pump, it is heated to 30-35 degrees.
  • The water is treated chlorine-free with active oxygen, copper and silver ionization and UV treatment.
  • The cover of the pool serves to save heat and water and especially for safety. The blue „Pool open“ button opens the cover at any time.
  • If possible, the cover should be closed again after swimming.
  • Key switch to „close“: Cover closes 2/3.
  • After the beep, turn the key switch to „close“ again and the cover closes completely.

Rest rooms:

The relaxation rooms are open 24/24 hours for our guests.
We ask not to disturb anyone in this area…


  • The sauna area is available daily from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • On request also before and after.
  • Textiles are prohibited for hygienic and health reasons.
  • However, we ask for your indulgence if Italian guests occasionally sit in the sauna with bathing suits due to increased feelings of shame!
  • As a base, you will find small pads in all saunas.

We have 4 saunas:

  • Finnish sauna
  • steam sauna
  • infrared sauna
  • salt sauna

Fitness room:

The equipment in the fitness room can be used 24/24 hours.

The Puster Valley

The broad, flat valley floor, with steep green slopes rising up from its sides – it is an unusual, almost bizarre sight that can be seen in many parts of the Puster Valley. At the same time, it exudes a fairytale atmosphere. The region encompasses a variety of landscapes characterized by all kinds of shades of green: lush meadows dotted with colorful spots, deep dark coniferous forests, gentle hills that shimmer golden in the sunlight, the muted color of the mountain pines on bare rock, the intense tone of the first grasses , struggling through the snow cover.

Despite the altitude and the notorious cold compared to the warmer regions of South Tyrol, old farms have been crouching in the pastures and fields for a long time and some are still inhabited today: a visit to the Dietenheim Museum of Local History shows how challenging life in the Bergen used to be and what hardships people had to struggle with every day. Today, on the other hand, you can enjoy rural life without having to forfeit comfort. But those who prefer something a little more rustic will also be happy here: for the adventurous, spending the night in a refuge is the absolute highlight. Experience nature up close, the wooden wall behind you, a glass in your hand, while the red sun sinks behind the mountain peaks. A unique little moment in which all the beauty of this country can be felt.


The Rienz, which flows through the Pustertal, is nourished from many sides by smaller streams: the valleys in the east of South Tyrol are widely branched. And behind every hill, it seems, lies a new natural wonder. The Ahrntal with its proud stone guards.

Anterselva with the internationally renowned winter sports center, where mainly biathlon races are held. The Pragser Tal, crowned at the end by the pearl of the Dolomites. The little town of Bruneck with its rich cultural activities. San Candido with its Romanesque collegiate church.

The Pustertal itself, with its narrow valley entrance, is somewhat isolated from the rest of the country. The dialect varies with every bend in the river, just like the traditional customs with their small rituals and big festivals. And the open nature of the people invites everyone to share these traditions with them.


Some places in the Pustertal have risen to global fame. The Pragser Wildsee, surrounded by mighty rocks and wooded slopes, has already been the setting for film and television. Its paranormal deep green color enchants countless visitors from all parts of the world every year.

The three peaks, on the other hand, with their characteristic shape protrude like three fingers from the rocky subsoil. The imposing formation is a perfect subject for nature photographers. When the sparkling Milky Way unfolds above it at night, it covers the place with its soft glow and unites with the three black silhouettes to form a magical ensemble.

Lift up

The opportunities to make a day unforgettable are as numerous as the side arms of the Puster Valley. Hiking and cycling trails for the whole family lead along the rivers and streams into all sorts of hidden nooks and crannies and to places where the world suddenly seems far away.

A particularly idiosyncratic view of the country is revealed from other angles: those who take on the icy waters on white water rafting or even challenge gravity with a paraglider get to know the elements that together built this beautiful landscape.

When the ground remains far below, the rock face in front of you, nothing above you but the sky, then you can experience the boundless freedom that lies deep within all of us. You can feel who is flying over icy pistes, taking the last step to the summit or simply pausing in front of the monumental testimony of natural forces and taking in the breathtaking panorama. Here man and nature become one.

Loneliness and hustle and bustle, snow-covered mountain peaks and colorful meadows: the Pustertal is a fairy tale come true.

Shopping in Alta Pusteria…

Opening hours:

  • General rule: the exact opening hours are always posted at the shop entrance
  • MO – FR: 08.30/09.00-12.00 h and 15.00-19.00 h
  • Saturday: 08.30/09.00-12.00 hrs
  • Saturday all day: December-Easter and July-mid September
  • Sundays and public holidays: closed, exceptions are posted.
  • The bakeries, butchers and alpine dairies open in the morning between 07.00 and 8.30 a.m., but are less open in the afternoon.

Shops in San Candido – additionally open

  • all year round: also open on Saturday afternoons
  • End of June – mid-September: also open on Sundays and public holidays
  • July – August: grocery shops open on Sundays and public holidays (for more information, contact the San Candido Tourist Office).

Innichner Dorfplatzfreuden: 10.07. – 28.08.14

Thursdays evening opening of shops 8.30 – 10.30 pm

E-bike rental at the Glinzhof

You are welcome to rent an e-bike from us!

We lend out:

  • 2 E-fully bikes for adults (also with children’s trailer)
  • 2 e-bikes for children

1 E-Fully ist mit einer innovativen Navigationsfunktion ausgestattet für eine sehr einfache Tourenfindung!

The tours are listed in our Komoot Collection.

All bikes are GPS protected.

For reservations please contact Alexia & Manfred or enter your name in the list at the office door.

Our prices

The prices per bike for adults:

  • 10 euros: Until 9 o’clock
  • 15 euros: Until 1 pm
  • 30 Euro: Whole day
  • 15 Euro: From 1 pm
  • 10 Euro: From 6 pm

Children pay half price.

Frage uns einfach und schnell über unser Kontaktformular an und wir melden uns schnellstens bei dir!

I - 39038 Innichen/San Candido (Südtirol / Sudtirolo)


13 + 11 =

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