Biology Building

Biological construction method

The central theme of Glinzhofs sustainability and environmental compatibility are also reflected in its biological design.

The timber

we source entirely from our own forests. The insulation is rock wool, cork and wool. In particular, the wool has unique effects of the well-being of the people.

A complete absence of coatings or impregnations belongs for us to a healthy living environment.

The interior

In the interiors our local carpenters use exclusively solid wood and renounces completely chipboard and plastics.

Power production

The ecologically friendly power production

The ecologically friendly power production – in the Glinzhof a quite central subject. During earlier years was very traditional with logs and the so-called “cockroach” heated. In the 80 years a solar system and a modern piece wood heating arrived.

Chip heating system & photovoltaic system

In 2006, then a wood chip heating system was installed. The required fuel wood is always from our own forests directly above the Glinzhof.

In 2008 our barn roof is covered with a photovoltaic system. It has a max. performance of 30 kw.

Wooden gas-total energy unit

In 2012: To the innovation mind obliges we establish a wooden gas-total energy unit. Simply expressed we generate from wood chips electricity and warmth.

The system generates absolutely CO2 neutrally 75 kw electricity and 150 kw warmth.

The power production

Environment protection

On the farm we produce far more energy than we need themselves. The excess electricity is fed into the grid. Thus we contribute to a CO2-neutral future.


We make available to our guests E-bikes or Pedelecs to experience journeys by the Dolomites, powered by our self-produced electricity from our solar system. Thus cycling is great fun twice!

It’s been a very special feeling almost completely silent and to “go” CO2-neutral.

Cleaning products

We use only environmentally friendly and biologically safe and cleaning agents.


Also on the Glinzhof far on top on 1,500 ms the sewage is collected and brought in the local sewage treatment plant.

Winter service

The mountain road is cleared for Glinzhof optimally. The sunny location of the road and the perfect snow removal reduce the use of road salt to a minimum!


Gorgeous mountains & sunny heights

With an E-bike or Pedelec the nicest summits can be scaled. Support yourselves completely CO2 neutrally.

E-bikes & pedelec`s

We offer our guests the latest e-bikes or pedelec `s. Nearly noiselessly you explore the Alta Pusteria.

Not only you fill up with the sun!

Just ask us quickly and easily via our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible!

I - 39038 Innichen/San Candido (Südtirol / Sudtirolo)


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