Chronicle of the court

The Glinzhof was mentioned in the year 1,500 for the first time in a document


Precipitous meadows and hardly accessible woods made the survival on 1.500 m above sea level on the daily life tasks. In the post-war period a whole generation immigrated up to our father Jakob into a "better" life. Only because of the infinite love to„ Hamatl“ Jakob remained at the court. In the mineral water factory "Kaiserwasser" he earned some extra money around the small court in the sunny mountain Innichberg. The way to the workplace and to  Candidowas laborious also. Step by step about the old Kirchweg the footpath often also had to be mastered several times daily. 


Then in 1972 a court entrance was built by Candido up. Only now Father Jacob saw a real future.


A fresh wind is moving into the old and quite poor farm. Mother Maria was a cook in a prestigious 4-star hotel in Val Badia. The learned has become a passion, she also wanted to continue to live high up in San Candido. As a driving force in the court she animated father Jacob to install a sink for fluent water in the "Gitschenkammer" and the "middle room". Today Room N. 1 + 2. With a lot of idealism she started to rent room to vacationer. At that time (1974) Glinzhof was the only mountain farm in South Tyrol that rented out their rooms.

In 1975 & 1976

the children Manfred and Angelika are born. From year to year the Glinzhof is redeveloped and adapted over and over again to the modern claims of the guests. The max. number of 6 guest-rooms was soon reached. Father Jakob falls ill and must die in 2000. Manfred takes over the parental court at the age of 18 years (!). With new swing, a lot of courage and a common sense one awaits on the Glinzhof glittering times.

In 2001

a solar system is built for heating water.

In 2002

stable and barn are new built. The agriculture should remain furthermore the foundation of the court. On the roof the first photovoltaic system is installed in San Candido and produces 30 kW of electricity.

In 2006

will be built above the Glinzhof the small restaurant "Bergstube". Hygienic regulations made cooking in the old farmhouse kitchen impossible.


Installation of a modern wood chip plant to the ecologically friendly power production.

In 2007

our dear mother Maria passes away after short illness. A shock for the court and many of grown fond guests.

In 2008

Glinzhof is general-redeveloped. The conservatory on the sunny side has plenty of space and expanded the breakfast room. All electricity and water lines were replaced. A fire alarm system is installed.

In 2009

is a year of special joy: Manfred & Alexia marry with many friends and guests.

In 2010

little Max is born in April.

In 2011

the autoparking spaces are roofed and a garage is built.

In 2012

the new deluxe chalet is rented for the first time.

In 2012

Installation of a modern wooden gas-BHKW for the CO2 neutral production of electricity and hot water.

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